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Art: A Satire
"Okay, class, time for the new project. I want creativity, individuality, and original ideas. You will do a painting of a box and only a box. Have fun," With two claps the zombie-like students formed single file lines, separated by gender. The dull gray fabric of their uniforms rustled quietly as each student received a plain brown box, paints and brushes clinking around inside. In silent unity, the class began their work.
With an air of superiority, the teacher slowly walked between the desks, her black boots creaking oppressively. Occasionally, she leaned over a student's shoulder, pointing out mistakes. She reached a student busily working away in the back of the room. Peering over his back, tutting and shaking her head, the teacher continued walking around the room.
An ominous dong of a bell signaled the students to once again form their lines. The teacher inspected each box as it was handed to her, checking that nothing was missing. She stopped a student with one hand as he slid t
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Fugue Crack
Fugue carefully slips his clothes off, dropping them into a pile at his feet. He reaches up and quickly tugs the monocle from his eye. With a flick, the glass shattered against the wall. The man sauntered over to the bed set in the middle of the room and draped himself on top of the red silk sheets.
He brushes his fingers tenderly over curves of wire, “I missed you my love,” Fugue plucks the lacey lampshade from it’s perch, holding it to his chest and caressing the stretched fabric, “Making it through a single day without your sweet sweet embrace is absolute agony! Kiss me, you wonderful hunk of lace!” The man pulls the object into a passionate kiss, moans of ecstasy escaping him.
Slumping back into the pillows, gasping and spent, Fugue turns his head and looks to his inanimate lover. His eyes fill with confusion as he watches his partner pulling on their lace and climbing out of bed.
“You’re leaving?” The lampshade slowly tur
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Dear Dad
I'm am not speaking for Brittany or Brandon, but I have somethings I feel you need to know and it's going to be hard to say without angry in it. However, I will try. What happened at graduation was the end result of years of crying, depression and anger. My entire life, you have been a stranger that pops in every few months or years. Someone I was afraid of. Someone that got to take us to do all these fun and expensive things. It took until I was 11 years old to figure out why it felt strange to do anything with you. At the time I didn't realize I had figured out, but looking back, it makes sense. Do you remember when you took Brittany, Mom and I to see Disney on ice? And we met in Fred Meyers parking lot? You said to me, I'm assuming jokingly, "What? Your mom can't afford full length pants?" I was wearing a pair of Capri pants that I really liked and I remember thinking, "What does that mean?" That was the moment I realized that you were a greedy prick. Why was it that you can take us
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Flowers that bloom in Spring,
Burned and blackened,
Turned to ash,
Watch them blow away in the wind,
Seasons pass and are forgotten.
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All the little things
Little Fishies swim around my head.
Come back, Little Fishies!
Come back, come back,
Little Bunnies hop around my feet.
Come back, Little Bunnies!
Come back, come back,
Little Birdies fly around my shoulders,
Come back, Little Birdies!
Come back, come back,
Little Devils crawl around in my stomach,
Go away, Little Devils,
Go away, go away.
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The body of Pheobe Lycain was found early this morning in the Jamison Memorial Park. The victim's mother was found dead in their suburban home. Both bodies were drained of their blood. The younger sister, Franccesia Lycain, has yet to be found, but is considered a suspect as her possessions were taken. The officers investigating the incidents stated that there was no sexual assault and that it is possible that there were ritual murders.
The mutilated corpse of Cole Darkin, that was stolen from the Grayson Cemetery, was discovered in a warehouse along with a coffin. These two events have not been connected as of yet. Tune in at eleven for the full story.

Flame clawed at the pillow covering her face. Con clicked off the television and climbed over the creaky bed to wrap himself around her. He nuzzled under the pillow and whimpered like a puppy. Dropping the pillow on the floor, she rolled over to face him.
"I should have known."
"She was dead for long, you couldn't have kno
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Mature content
TheGirlandtheShadow-Ch.18 :iconsephys-vajayjay:sephys-vajayjay 0 4
Her breathing slowed as she succumbed to her exhaustion. Con gently lifted her head from his knees and slid his arms under her limp body. Carefully, he stood up and headed to the stairs. As he padded quietly down the hall, peeking into each room as her passed until he found the room he assumed was hers. Stepping over the paper and clothing scattered about, he laid Flame down on the bed. He lifted the covers and nestled in next to her, his head fall back as he sighed angrily. How could I have let this happen? He pressed his palms against his eyes. He did this because of me. I have to do something. Flame moaned sleepily and rolled over. Con brushed her hair back away from her face, letting his eyes drift over her features. Gingerly he lifted her shoulders and sat up. He got up and walked to the window and ran his fingers over the paint, feeling the brush strokes, a sad smile coming to his lips.
He opened the window cracking the paint that sealed it. The cool night air rustl
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Spells Against Death
Skip the cracks,
Hold your breath under the bridge,
Cross your fingers,
Blackest of cats cross your path,
Close your eyes and run,
If silver passes before the green,
If the crow flies before the dawn,
Whistle in the graveyard,
Your heart pounds at the slightest of sounds,
Your breath puffs white in the frigid air,
Branches grip, roots trip,
Cold mud seeps into your jeans,
The shadows circle and close in,
No scream escapes.
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To pitiful eyes...
I built their world. I sent light. I sent fire. I sent tools. I did everything I could to help them grow and flourish. I didn't want recognition. I wanted to watch my children learn to walk, helping them back of their feet when they stumbled. And I have. I seen them take their first teetering steps, getting back up when they fell, laughed when they grew into a teenager, chest puffed out in bravado and blossom beautifully into an adult. And I've watched them die at the hands of each other. I watched them destroy what I created for them; raping Mother Earth to be better than the rest, when they are all equal to my pitiful eyes. I gave to mortal man everything. And I received death in my name.
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Scream a death scream at the top of your lungs,
Release the stopper and let it flow,
Everything is laid out to dry in the sun,
Know when to reel it in,
Before it festers and rots,
Seeping into the earth,
Gone into the nothingness of a meaningless abyss,
Endless cycle of the tides,
Push it out,
Claw it back,
Don't let it get away.
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Counting backwards from 10...
Counting backwards from 10, I let go...
It's a strange sensation, falling. Your heart leaps into your throat if don't expect it. If you do, it's freeing. Just falling is good from time to time. Letting everything go from that moment of nothing. But it's always bad when you land. Everything comes rushing back, slamming into you, holding you down so you can't breath. Just remember, it's not the fall that kills you, it's the landing and sometimes you wish it wasn't pillows you land on.
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I can feel it
The sun,
It's so warm,
The grass
Is soft and green,
A bunny
Hops by,
My brother,
There's a cloud
It's dark,
A cloud of moths,
My family,
They swoop down on him,
In a flash he is gone,
I wake up smiling.
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-I- does not exist
Floating high above,
(I) look down to what was (my) home,
They walk back and forth,
Bags in hand,
They went shopping,
They are unloading the car,
(I) feel something slide wetly down (my) cheek,
(I) reach up,
But nothing is there, a tear as non-existent as (me),
The world is unchanged,
It still goes on,
Working, walking, being, but
(I) do not,
(I) cannot be,
(I) cannot alter this reality,
The reality that (I) am dead and nothing has changed.
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Wrong on so many levels
"I shouldn't be here," The blond man glared at the young girl seated across from him.
"I just wanted to thank you," She batted her mascara coated eyelashes, the pink glitter sparkling gaudily.
"That's nice, but you didn't to make me come here," He waved his hand around at the cheesy Italian restaurant.
"No, buts, I have a daughter your age. So this is making me mildly sick. Although that could just be the fumes wafting from the pounds of paint plastered on your face," Katie looked taken aback," I'm leaving. I'd rather cut open dead, oozing bodies than talk to you," With a shrug he stood, leaving the shocked girl sitting alone at the table, her elbows resting on the cheap red and white checked cloth.
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Yeah...We moved again in October. The girl we moved in with pretty much tried to screw us over and have us pay her past due bills. She hadn't paid almost every bill she had since she had moved into the apartment 3 months before us. She had only paid rent and that was always late. She was about $1000 in debt. So we moved. The apartment is about $75 cheaper, barely any smaller (pretty much it's just missing a hallway), the water/sewer/garbage is factored in the rent (which technically, the actual rent is about $800 and something for a 2 bed/2 bath), the PUD isn't past due, and now we have internet. She's pretty much screwed for life now unless she gets her shit together and pays off her bills. A few days before me moved, the power was shut off. She some how got it turned back on. I told her, that if she can get past bills together for the amount of the PUD for the few months we lived with her, we'd pay our share, but the PUD was up to $500+, $160 of which one of my roommates had to pay out of pocket because the girl's dad was pretty much taking us for all we were worth when he was living with us.

I had made the mistake of telling her dad how much was in my bank account. I trusted him. Stupid me. The first time I paid him "rent" was the first time I had less than $10 in either of my checking or savings. Combined. We lost so much money when he was living with us. Money that we could have been saving for bills and food. I will never let myself be taken advantage of like that ever again. I don't wish it had never happened. I'm actually glad it did because now I know better.


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